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Go tell John Key that there is “clamour.”


“No clamour for gay marriage”

Says straight guy who voted against civil unions.

John Key’s out of whack on this. Obama supports marriage equality. The conservative David Cameron supports marriage equality. New Zealanders support marriage equality.

Key is wrong on a lot of things and one of them is this.

Catching up

I need to do more of this “blogging” thing. You may have noticed my content dropping off the last few months. This has to do with life stuff that I can avoid a little more readily than I want to say what they are here.

Suffice to say, I intend to play furious catch-up over Easter. There’s a lot more trans* stuff happening atm than the whole Greer thing, and I really want to address racism and bigotry within our own communities.

Also, I just want to post more random, fun, cool things.

In the mean time, here’s a kitty I found on Reddit:

Johnny Galecki doing it right

A lot of celebrities have to field rumours spread in the gossip rags about them being gay or lesbian. It’s seen as some kind of dark secret that they should be ashamed of, which makes for juicy reading while you’re waiting in line at the checkout.

Johnny Galecki is one such celebrity, and he’s responded thus:

I've never really addressed those rumours, cause I always figured, why defend yourself against something that isn't offensive.

(I found this on Reddit. Apparently that was taken from The View or something)

Hit the nail on the head.

Magda Szubanski gets it right

“The law means that you could be a serial killer and have killed all of your spouses and yet you would still be considered fit to marry.

“But if you are gay, then you are not worthy of these same rights.”

Szubanski came out publicly on Valentine’s Day and said the above, and she absolutely nailed it.

“We pay taxes, fight wars for this country, nurse you when you are sick, make you laugh, sing and dance for you, play netball for you, star in your movies, cook your meals, decorate your store windows.

“And, chances are, gay people designed whatever it is you’re wearing.

“All Australians, including gay Australians, should have exactly the same rights, including the right to love, marry and take care of our partners.”