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Commenting is encouraged here on missing sparkles. The authors blog the things they blog, not simply because they want people to read what they think, but because they want these things to be actively debated in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

missing sparkles is intended to be a safe space for queer and questioning people. Though we encourage discussion and disagreement, please be mindful of others and respect them when commenting.

Being that queer/lgbttiqq people typically have a marginalised voice, we would like people to be able to comment without having to wait for their voices to be ‘moderated’. Please be respectful and bear this in mind — if commenters start being abusive, we will have to change this open policy.

The exception to this is that comments containing hyperlinks will always be queued for moderation until an author has reviewed the link for appropriateness and relevancy. Authors may remove the link from the comment or mark the whole comment as spam if the link is deemed inappropriate.

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We don’t mind if you wish to remain anonymous, but if you do, please use a pseudonym so we can keep track of conversations.

The authors of this blog may still moderate comments ex post if they feel they are in any way inappropriate.

Please check your privilege and watch your language. Any discriminatory, bigoted, or unsafe remarks will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity, the authors may delete the comment — and in extreme cases, the IP address of the commenter may be blacklisted, preventing them from commenting again on the site, though you will be well warned before it comes to this.

So, don’t be afraid to comment, but please respect this policy so we can keep commenting open on missing sparkles.