In my last post, I wrote this:

I had originally written a spiel about “traditional marriage” being a relatively new concept, marriage as an institution failing and that they’ve found a scapegoat in the LGBT community, but that’s irrelevant. We already know that. And they won’t listen anyway.

I felt that what I had originally written was pointless in context, and so I deleted it, replacing it with the above text—there was no reason to make those points, because ultimately that wasn’t what it was about. Marriage and children is what they say it’s about, but it’s really about selfishly clinging onto entitlement.

However, I still think my original wording is important to say aloud, and it stands perfectly well out of context.

Anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow definition of the patriarchal, strictly cisgendered, father, housewife, >2.5 kids family, is an attack. That simply existing, or saying that it’s fine for gay people to exist, is enough for these people to react as if we were actually breaking into their houses and forcing them all to have gay sex in front of their children.

That they feel so threatened by the existence of same-sex marriage or even just gay people, to the point that they feel they must boycott companies that support equality, shows that they have no real concept on what society actually is. (Also note how they keep saying homosexual instead of gay or same-sex—as if using the medical term will make us less human).

It’s not their version of “the family” that brings forth children. Families take many forms, always have. To bring forth children, all you need is a sperm, an egg, a womb and a lot of love (and pain, money, etc.). The “traditional family” is a relatively new concept, and the legal definition of marriage was created on behalf of wealthy landowners to control their dynasties. The only reason it’s seen as a religious institution was because the Church of England was assigned to police it—they were part of the state, and therefore eligible for such duties.

Marriage has been redefined over and over again, and now we want to add same-sex marriage to the mix. Marriage, as it stands, is failing. More and more couples are co-habiting, and having children out of wedlock (those are not problems, but the “traditional families” crowd certainly think they are), and a half of all marriages end in divorce. 50%. And now, same-sex couples want the right to get married, and the bigots have found their scapegoat.

We need to break the spell of entitlement. Thankfully we are living in a world where people are becoming increasingly accepting and understanding of queer rights. Before long, the bigots will find themselves the embarrassing relics of history—at least until the next human rights battle comes along.


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