Labour look to shake up adoption laws

by Mr Wainscotting

Jacinda Ardern, the Labour Party’s Youth Justice spokesperson, sent out a press release today announcing plans to table a Care of Children Law Reform Bill to modernise New Zealand’s adoption laws.

“The current Adoption Act needs changing. It is over 50 years old. It was written at a time when we had far more ‘stranger’ adoptions than we do now. It discriminates against prospective parents, doesn’t take into account whangai adoption and prevents children from being cared for in the best possible family environment.”

Also included would be opening adoption up to same-sex couples. Something that is long overdue in any state, let alone New Zealand.

“It also fails to take into account the number of legislative changes introduced over the past decade areas such as assisted reproduction technology, surrogacy and the legal status of de facto relationships and civil unions.”

Though the press release only implicitly references same-sex adoption, Ardern confirmed to me in a tweet that it would be the case. Continue reading


New Zealand International Film Festival — Dunedin

by Mr Wainscotting

I’m a film nerd. From 4th to the 21st August, Dunedin will be regaled with this year’s NZFF. This year, I’m pleased that, for once, we have a selection of queer films amongst the lineup. There are a number of other good films worth seeing this year, though only a handful hold my particular interest.

Dunedin gets five queer films this year. Ours is the smallest of the main centres, so we don’t get all the films that Auckland or Wellington get, and the queer films are usually the first to be culled. (Even in mainstream cinema, it took months for a print of Milk to reach the south, even after it’s Oscar victories. (I was told that Auckland cinemas were hogging all the prints, but that would mean that the distributors only purchased a very small number for the whole country).)

So, in no particular order, here are some of the films I’m looking forward to (quotes are taken from their entries on the NZFF website): Continue reading

Letter To Tau…

by Mr Wainscotting

Last week, you’ll recall Tau Henare sparked a bit of a heated exchange on Twitter by using what many considered an homophobic slur. Yesterday, I sent him a letter pointing out to him why I consider it important and asking for him to apologise for the offence that he caused. I didn’t expect much (I often email politicians only to be ignored — they get a lot of emails), but soon arriving through my inbox was the following:

Kia Ora.

I’m giving your letter some serious consideration. You will get my response in due course.


Excellent. I hope he finds it in himself to do the decent thing, and I shall say no more on the matter until I receive his response.

I think we should ban the term “stop being so PC”

by Mr Wainscotting

Yesterday, I was in the middle of blogging about the teacher who has banned his pupils from using gay in the negative in his classroom, when Tau Henare fired up a little shitstorm on Twitter. After he told me that it’s “bullshit” to consider homophobia offensive, and had a crack at several other people, the story was picked up on the 3 News website. I promptly entered Do Not Read The Comments mode.

Anyway, I read the comments. There’s enough “gay people are people too and you shouldn’t degrade them” to give me hope for the world, but there were, of course, the usual cries of “they’re using it to mean stupid, not homosexual, so therefore it’s ok!!!1” and “teh homos stole the word anyway it used to mean happy!!!11” and the utterly trite, meaningless accusation of “PC gone mad!!!

The only appropriate response to "it's PC gone mad!!" should be "buy an Apple — they're more stable."

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Homework is Pretty Gay

by Mr Wainscotting

I read in Stuff this morning, in an article from The Dominion Post, that a teacher at a Kiwi school is “on a mission to ban the word “gay” from pupils’ everyday speech.”

All too often we hear the word gay bandied about in lieu of stupid or annoying. And it’s everywhere. Very rarely will I go a single day without hearing it. Some kids use it without truly realising the meaning of the word, but many are simply unaware of the impact it has on queer and questioning people — particularly youth.

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25 years – blog round-up

By C. Connoisseur

This weekend was the anniversary of 25 years since Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand.  Below is a wee round-up of blog posts and some news items that discuss this weekend and pay tribute to those who fought for law reform. Please feel free to add anymore in the comments section.

If you are interested in hearing and reading about the debates that surrounded Homosexual law reform Pride NZ has a great resource with videos, pictures and documents from 1986.