missing sparkles is a group of quirky queer/lgbttiqq individuals all living in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We lean to the left to varying degrees and are interested in politics, pop culture, and queer issues in Aotearoa. The aim of this blog is too give a queer voice to New Zealand issues and pop culture. We will have guest blogs every now and again on various issues.

If you would like to email us about anything, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

At the present time the missing sparkles team consists of:

C. Connoisseur, proudly identifies as a geek living in South Island, New Zealand. She blogs about politics, geekery, pop culture and queer issues. She is slightly obsessed with photography, politics, music, warcraft, and her PhD. She can be found happily drinking a cup of tea while on her computer.

Mr Wainscotting, is a queer activist and blogger. He tends to focus on political issues facing queer people, as well as issues of depression and mental health, although will lapse into pop culture at the drop of a hat.

Anthrogoddess blogs about anything that takes her fancy (quite a lot, but often sex, sexuality, politics, silly beauty myths, feminism, that sort of thing). She is a Mama, post-grad student and employee working in the area of positive sexuality education and research. When not working or studying (but always parenting) she can often be found hiking or mountain biking in the beautiful mountains and bush of the deep South of Aotearoa, while eating delicious fair trade chocolate, accompanied by a cup of fair trade coffee.

If you would like to send the authors an email, you can do so using this form (your email address will not be passed on — these emails are collected by Mr Wainscotting):