Who’s body is this?

by Mr Wainscotting.

I found this over on Laci Green’s blog, and I though I’d post it here too:

Laci Green is a sex-positive blogger and YouTuber. She posted this, saying “this graphic refers to sex and gender. There are broader implications, but they do get a little more murky! :)”

I think it’s brilliant. Yes, it does get murky when you consider the broader implications, but this pretty much sums up the core points.


Feel the Rainbow!

by Mr Wainscotting.

I don’t know much about socio-politics in the U.S., but the name Newt Gingrich is not unknown to me. From what I understand, he’s a slimy Rethuglican who pushes a rather homophobic agenda.

Unlike Gingrich, this newt isn't an arsehole.

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International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

by C. Connoisseur

Today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia; a day to say No to homophobia and transphobia and to celebrate diversity. For information on events in New Zealand click here. There is also a post on the Handmirror blog.

The world we live has a rather large default button that says ‘Straight and Cis-gendered’. Continue reading

Is radical feminism part of our feminist future?

Next week the Melbourne Feminist Collective is hosting a conference called Feminist Futures that includes in the line up Shelia Jefferys, a radical feminist. There are various debates circulating on blogs and the MFC Facebook page about her inclusion at a ‘feminist futures conference’ with accusations that Jeffreys is trans-phobic and whore-phobic. Continue reading

TED Talks – but not for everyone.

Recently, a talented youth worker and comic artist friend of mine wrote a letter to TED Talks about the lack of Queer/LGBTTIQQ people featured on their site. The letter below was send on 1st Feb 2001 and TED have yet to respond. Sam’s letter discusses some important issues for Queer people and the need for visibility and role models for Queer/LGBTTIQQ and questioning people.  I hope that TED Talks starts to deal with the invisibility of Queer/LGBTTIQQ on their site. Below is Sam’s letter.

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Gay is awesome. It’s True!

The emergence of the phrase ‘so gay’ irks me. The phrase is derogatory to people in the queer/LGBTTIQQ community by comparing us to something that is ‘bad’, annoying… well you get the idea. I get grumpy when I hear the phrase used. I feel for people questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity maybe hearing the phrase at their schools, playgrounds, universities and workplace.

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