Dan Savage on the bible

Why is the book of Leviticus always touted as true for homosexuality, but for almost no other thing? The wonderfully provocative Dan Savage discusses the hypocrisy.


4 thoughts on “Dan Savage on the bible

  1. So let me get this straight… These Moderate to Liberal Christians teens who voluntarily came to see an openly gay speaker and were most likely supportive of his cause. They were the ones who bullied him all his life??? HMMMmmm, so I guess it supports his anti-bully cause to attack and make fun of them for their beliefs.

    How many hearts and minds do you think he changed for the better? How many people who were sympathetic to him do you think he turned against Gays and Atheists. How many will those people go on to hurt because they were verbally abused by a (whatever class of bigot they file him under).

    Yes, he was being a bigot towards a group he doesn’t support or care for. Wouldn’t a rational lecture with these young minds have been a better approach for his goals? Better than a surprise bait and switch that will only create enmity and anger. Atheists are continually portrayed and angry, hateful and untrustworthy. Nothing like furthering that stereotype is there?

    I wondering how proud his religious parents are? You know the ones he claims to love.

    What I love is the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning.

    • They were supportive of his cause until he turned to the single greatest cause of homophobia our society knows. They started walking out before he’d even called it “bullshit”, before he’d even started his argument on why he brought up the bible.

      Those people who walked out would never have listened to him anyway, and from the cheers of the people remaining, one could argue that he did indeed turn many hearts and minds.

      He didn’t mock their beliefs, he pointed out that those beliefs were historically used to justify slavery and misogyny etc., and now they’re being used to justify homophobia.

      Calling an idea “bullshit” is not abuse.

      In America, in spite of the Constitution effectively declaring the nation a secular one, Christianity is king. And a significant number of people use Christianity to frame political and social debates, from LGBT rights to the teaching of evolution. They use it as a shield to protect their ideas from criticism. If it’s going to be such a socio-political force in that country, then it needs to be open to criticism, no matter how many rude words the critics use.

      The hypocrisy lies in those who use their beliefs to discriminate, but won’t even listen to an opposing point of view.

  2. I would call it an opposing point of view. These kids came for a speech on Anti-bullying, didn’t they? What they got was an unexpected verbal attack on their beliefs. They came sympathetic to his cause and because of what he said they left, at best, apathetic to it.

    I agree that anyone or anything that is held up as a moral standard should spend time looking at their own flaws as well. That goes for Danny-boy too.

    My critique of him so far though is that he used inappropriate methods and actions to get his points across. You’ve most likely heard the term “preaching to the choir”. Well hear he was attacking the choirboys. People who came to listen to his anti-bully lecture. What they got was quite different.

    I will go so far as to say this however. If any of those kids came to that lecture just to get up and walk out. That would be wrong too. That would be kicking over a bees nest just to be cruel and is not right. I would not support that either.

    You got your thing and I got mine. I’ll respect your if you respect mine and if we want to talk it over rationally, that’s fine too.

    • Savage is famous for being controversial and provocative — he’s the one who ruined Santorum’s name. But it wasn’t that he didn’t respect their beliefs: they started leaving as soon as he mentioned the bible.

      On respecting beliefs, I refuse to respect beliefs that don’t respect me. Beliefs are not people, you can’t just declare them exempt from criticism.

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