25 years – thoughts

by C. Connoisseur

This weekend marked 25 years since Homosexual law reform. At the age of 8, I had no knowledge of the bill that was going through parliament, I attended a Conservative Christian school and didn’t know what homosexuality was…how my life has changed. Thanks to law reform my male friends can love and desire other men without fear of criminal charges. Homosexual Law Reform was a huge step towards equality for same sex couples in New Zealand. Continue reading


Is radical feminism part of our feminist future?

Next week the Melbourne Feminist Collective is hosting a conference called Feminist Futures that includes in the line up Shelia Jefferys, a radical feminist. There are various debates circulating on blogs and the MFC Facebook page about her inclusion at a ‘feminist futures conference’ with accusations that Jeffreys is trans-phobic and whore-phobic. Continue reading