25 years – blog round-up

By C. Connoisseur

This weekend was the anniversary of 25 years since Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand.  Below is a wee round-up of blog posts and some news items that discuss this weekend and pay tribute to those who fought for law reform. Please feel free to add anymore in the comments section.

If you are interested in hearing and reading about the debates that surrounded Homosexual law reform Pride NZ has a great resource with videos, pictures and documents from 1986.









25 years – thoughts

by C. Connoisseur

This weekend marked 25 years since Homosexual law reform. At the age of 8, I had no knowledge of the bill that was going through parliament, I attended a Conservative Christian school and didn’t know what homosexuality was…how my life has changed. Thanks to law reform my male friends can love and desire other men without fear of criminal charges. Homosexual Law Reform was a huge step towards equality for same sex couples in New Zealand. Continue reading

On Social Norms and the Media.

By Anthrogoddess

The awesome ad to your right there was banned by Barbie manufacturers Mattel. Body Shop received a ‘cease and desist’ order from Mattel, supposedly after complaints regarding the delightful Ruby’s hot (though admittedly niple-less – I’d prefer nipples, wouldn’t you?) naked bod. But one has to wonder if these supposed complaints are driven more by fear of the truth in our faces? After all, how many complaints are made over the thousands of ads featuring scantily clad models in their barely there underwear.  Continue reading

Who’s body is this?

by Mr Wainscotting.

I found this over on Laci Green’s blog, and I though I’d post it here too:

Laci Green is a sex-positive blogger and YouTuber. She posted this, saying “this graphic refers to sex and gender. There are broader implications, but they do get a little more murky! :)”

I think it’s brilliant. Yes, it does get murky when you consider the broader implications, but this pretty much sums up the core points.