Online dating, redux

There’s a point I omitted in my last post that I feel is important to make:

La Dida’s column quoted several lines from the blog Douchebags of Grindr:

“I’ve blocked more Asians than the Great Wall of China.”

“Not into femmes, fatties and furballs.”

“Vanilla and spice, no chocolate and rice.”

Now, I do believe that people are entitled to like whatever they want, and are entitled to seek out what interests them and turn away what doesn’t. But the above sentences — and they are fairly typical — go beyond that, and start reeking of racism and bigotry.

The question is, can dating or hookup sites police this without pressing on people’s freedom of desires and expression; and should we even police it at all, or let these douchebags identify themselves so we know who to avoid?


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