And on that note…

While we’re on the topic of Human Rights and Elections, I thought I’d draw your attention to LudditeJourno’s article with regards to the parties’ women’s and gender policies, complete with ratings:

New Zealand First has a policy manifesto.  No women’s policy, but women are mentioned six times in the 116 page document. Rating: Negligent.

ACT has no policy on women or gender inequality.   There’s no need, because market forces ensure girls can do anything.

Women’s rights and their place in society, like queer rights, aren’t something that we should have to consider when voting. In the words of Rachel Maddow: “They’re not supposed to be voted on. That’s why they call them ‘rights’.” But, as these parties and politicians show, they’re very much are something we have to vote on. In Aotearoa, we do that by proxy when we give our ticks to parties and politicians that we can trust.

Go read the post. It’s quite well done.

(Hat-tip QoT)


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