A vote for National is a vote against me

express have published an article online detailing the track record of National’s top ten MPs on queer issues. It’s not looking good.

It starts with John “we-haven’t-removed-any-rights” Key, who voted against Civil Unions, and follows that up with Bill English who defended his son’s homophobic, racist and antisemitic rants on Bebo in 2007.

It cuts to Lockwood Smith, long dogged with rumours that he’s in the closet, who voted against Homosexual Law Reform — the very reform that allows us to freely exist.

Next up is Brownlee with the canard “In my view, the sad fact is — although some will find this difficult to take — they are not the same.”

I’m going to reproduce the quote express have used from Nick Smith:

“…this is the most anti-family Government in the history of New Zealand. That is a fact. I fear for what will come next. I know that work is going on with the adoption law. I am sure that gay adoption will be the next piece of legislation this Government will attempt to ram through this House. I note that Georgina Beyer wants to introduce another bill to the effect that in this country we not only will have men and women but will separately recognise, through another set of legislation, a third so-called sex, transgender. I say that, too, will be a step backwards for our country.”

Two words, Smithy: Fuck off.

Crusher is up next. On Civil Unions:

“Is this a human rights issue? The census figures stated that 0. 3 per cent of adults in New Zealand say they live in a same-sex relationship – not a very large portion of the population…”

So, human rights only counts for those in the majority. Minorities don’t need human rights, because they’re minorities. Fuck you.

Go read the article for more on their top ten. It’s a depressing read.

When asked about various aspects of queer rights by Rainbow Wellington, National dodged the question by responding that it was focusing on justice and the economy.

This is what you get if you vote for National, a bunch of homophobes and bigots in parliament. They almost consistently vote against queer rights, or in the case of people like Tolley (an Education Minister who didn’t know what a Vice Chancellor at a university is), they ignore us and pretend we’ll go away.

While it was National’s Bolger government that gave us the Human Rights Act (which prohibited discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and HIV status, although this bill also provided a large number of other protections, so they weren’t explicitly endorsing queer rights, per say), with the exception of Tolley who wasn’t there, all of the top ten list voted against Civil Unions, and many of them made a point in denying us our rights because we’re “different” or “anti-family” or bizarrely from Crusher, that these aren’t human rights issues because we’re the minority.

Key’s continued parroting of the line that he’s focusing on trade and the economy when asked about anything else shows that he’s not interested in making human rights a priority at all. One would hope that politicians are grown up enough to handle more than one issue at a time, and it’s entirely possible to care about human rights and work on justice and the economy simultaneously.

Labour and the Greens are proud of their track record on queer rights, and Mana’s looking like it could be a strong force in this regard as well. But National, and ACT? I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, and by voting for them, you’re saying that their line about the economy is more important than the rights of the citizens of this country.


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