In favour of traditional values

As I mentioned in an earlier post, David Cameron supports same-sex marriage; not in spite of being a conservative, but because he is a conservative.

Every time the topic of homosexuality is discussed, there’s always the portrayal of liberalism versus traditional values. Non-heterosexuality is always discussed as if it’s something radical and new. When immoral stops working as a charge, they will start saying things like “well, I’m not opposed to gay people living their own lives privately, I just believe in traditional marriage.”

The recent push for same-sex marriage and adoption is one I watch with great interest and am actively involved in. As a radical lefty, I enjoy nothing more than invading long-standing institutions and tearing them down by knocking out the cornerstones. But that’s not what the modern same-sex marriage/adoption lobby is about.

The gay rights movement radicalised in 1969 after Stonewall with the formation of the Gay Liberation Front and other activist movements. It started on the liberal fringes of society then gradually became more mainstream. In New Zealand, mainstream support was achieved politically in 1986, with the passing of Homosexual Law Reform.

Over the ensuing years, homosexuality has become less and less of a left-wing thing. The left-wing radicals blazed the way, lobbying, campaigning, marching. But as new generations grew up in a more and more open world, the gay communities shifted away from being hard-left liberals — not because the people themselves were shifting to the right, rather the communities were being diluted by an influx of people who weren’t necessarily left.

Though they do have a certain bias towards those political parties that promise us equal rights, queer communities nowadays cannot be said to be left or right wing — I’ve found as many conservative gays as I have liberal ones.

And this, finally, brings me to my point: The push for same-sex marriage and adoption reform are not about liberals redicalising an ancient tradition or engaging in social engineering. It’s not about activists tearing down institutions. The push for same-sex marriage and adoption reform is due to queer communities becoming more conservative.

The new generations of queer people, now in the grip of adulthood, are looking at traditional marriage and thinking ‘that’s what I want for me.‘ They look to traditional families and think ‘I too want to settle down and raise a child.‘ They look to the traditional values of their parents and grandparents and think ‘I want that for my family.

There’s plenty of room in traditional marriage for same-sex couples, and there’s plenty of room in traditional values for same-sex adoption. We know this, because years of both social change and scientific research have shown us that there’s nothing at all perverted about non-heterosexuality. What is perverted, however, is defending the institution of marriage against people who want to get married.*

* Hat-tip to Roy Zimmerman for that last sentence.


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