A few points that bug me about same-sex adoption rhetoric

I came across a poll on Facebook asking for people’s opinions on same-sex adoption. Now, internet polls are largely pointless and statistically useless, but they can give us a bit of insight, especially where comments are involved…

Most of the comments wasted their bandwidth complaining about the semantics, but occasionally, someone would pop in with some stupid comment that they for some reason think is original.

Only for the case that children need loving parents, shouldn’t not blow it up into a “gay” issue … kids need loving parents and someone who cares about them , making it a sexual issue makes it sound perverted though

(We’ll ignore the double negative) I could say exactly the same thing about hetero couples. Straight people base their relationships on the fact that they have intercourse with people of the opposite sex. Since they’re basing their relationships on sex, should they be raising children? Sounds pretty perverted if you ask me.

im sorry but i say no because it can cause too many problems for the kid later on in life (eg bullying by other kids)

So, we can’t adopt because other people are arseholes? How about you try not being an arsehole.


And you’re a paragon of logic with razor-sharp wit.

how the fuck can people vote yes to that shit. how far has decadence gone …

Decadence? You say that like it’s a bad thing. Also, children are not ice cream. We do not want to become parents to indulge a whim, we want to become parents for the same reasons everyone else wants to become parents — evolution had built (most of) our brains so that we want to raise young in a safe, healthy environment, regardless of who we’re attracted to.


Fuck you.

It’s wrong

You’re wrong. How can it be “wrong”? That would imply there’s some kind of objective “right”.

Over and over I see this when talking about homosexual issues.¬†Reducing our relationships to purely sex, as if we’re not actual human beings capable of complex thought and emotion. Apparently we’re just horny homunculi.

And blaming the parents of the kids who are victims of bullying is not placing blame where it belongs. The blame lies squarely with the people doing the bullying.


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