I’m going to need more carpet cleaner…

… because I hear that Paul Henry is due back on the tellybox.

Henry this morning confirmed he is getting his own show on TV3, expected to launch in the new season around February.

“It’s really exciting,” he said. “We have a time slot, but we don’t have a format yet.”


I find it ironic, that he’s picked up for a radio slot and now a TV programme by the very company that was most vociferous in their condemnation of him during his time on the competing network. I guess Media Works aren’t concerned about bigotry and arseholery being spouted on their networks so long as they’re the ones getting the ratings.

He wasn’t concerned about what Kiwis would think about his return to TV, saying: “People love me and people love to hate me.

No, Paul. I don’t “love to hate” you. I don’t “love to hate” anyone. Hate is not something I do for fun. I just plain despise you immensely.


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