Can Tau Henare please wait…

… till I’m not too busy to blog about his arseholery?

I’m feverishly catching up with all the work I didn’t do over my holiday, so I won’t write much here, other than to lend further evidence that Tau Henare is a homophobe who probably has little intention to follow through with his promise. (I’m happy to be proved wrong, Tau.)

I’m not going to comment, I’m just going to draw your attention to this:

The vociferous National MP shouted “[Charles Chauvel is] not even driving his own car; he’s got somebody else to drive it for him. Talk about driving Miss Daisy,” he finished, as members of his party cackled and clapped in support. [Emphasis added]

Which, needless to say, Chauvel took exception to.

It would be nice to be able to dismiss offhand remarks from a politician (they happen all the time in the House), but Henare is just so consistently bad. A quick look at search results for him gives phases like “overstepped the line”, “bullyboy tactics”, “dispute”, “taunts”, etc.

Now, in a democracy we have to expect both good politicians and bad politicians, and I suppose, at a stretch, you could argue that under MMP, even the arseholes need someone to represent them in parliament. But I do think that the sooner Tau Henare leaves parliament, the better.


One thought on “Can Tau Henare please wait…

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