Gays are NOT comparable to serial killers

by Mr Wainscotting

[I’m a few days behind on this story, and I have a few more posts backed up, but I’ve been both busy and ill, so I’ll try to clear the backlog as soon as I can.]

Another story from Australia, this time Armadale Christian College. This one goes in my ‘why I oppose faith schools’ file.

It’s not bad enough that we have to defend ourselves from accusations of being paedophiles, but this school ramps it up by comparing homosexuals to serial killers…

“Many people say that homosexuality is an inborn trait. Is a person born greedy, jealous, malicious, gossiper, slanderer, thief, child abuser, serial killer?”


A homework assignment given to 14-15 year-olds at the school asked “Is homosexuality the sickest sin there is?” among other things, and pointed to biblical quotes describing homosexuality as an “abomination”.*

Now, the school, or rather the association that encompasses it, might like to claim that they’re merely “facilitating discussion on common views in society” rather than condemning homosexuality, but to have the biblical quote “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? … Neither fornicators, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites” as the subheading for that section of the assignment tells me that the discussion was rather one sided.

I can remember what it was like, being a little closeted 4th-former at school, absolutely paranoid about what I was. Though my school was largely silent on the matter, when teachers did speak about it, those that did spoke quite positively. But there was an enormous amount of unchallenged homophobia in the school yard, and actually being gay was not an option — I hated being gay (and by extension, everything about myself), and the only Christian view I got at the time was, and I remember this clearly, that homosexuality was “evil, wrong and unnatural.”

14-15 year-olds are typically in the middle of puberty, when they’re discovering sexuality and what it means to them. For someone this age to have their school requiring them to complete an assignment that effectively calls them sick and compares them to fucking serial killers, can only be damaging. Forget that they’re trying to “facilitate discussion” — any discussion with kids of that age that doesn’t resound with affirmation and acceptance is dangerous, vile, and has absolutely no place in a school, faith-based or otherwise.

The assignment also stated that homosexuality was a “compromise for the need to be loved and accepted”, resulting for many from “low self-esteem (and) gender emptiness”.

Fuck off, school. These views are outdated, offensive and wrong, and they have no place in any curriculum.

* The Hebrew text used the term Tōʻēḇā which was also used to describe, of all things, dietary violations.


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