I’ve never tried Moa Beer…

by Mr Wainscotting

… and now I probably never will. Not unless they get rid of their marketing strategist immediately.

"Fifty years ago, before there were lesbians, this is what beer tasted like."

Back in February, they launched this slogan on billboards in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. I didn’t see them (as I live in neither of those cities) so I only found out about it when this little image started doing the rounds on tumblr.

First of all, that doesn’t even make sense. What the hell do they mean “before there were lesbians”, as if they were invented some time in the 70’s?

Second of all, they already pissed off the queer community last year, you’d think they’d be a little more sensitive to try it again.

Any company that uses bigotry in it’s advertising is not deserving of our money. Their nonpology last year (“We asked some of our gay mates and they thought it was funny, but I guess we should’ve asked a few more.”) didn’t give me much reason to think that they’re going to be very forthcoming this time.

Oh well, I don’t even like beer anyway, so boycotting them won’t be particularly difficult for me.


One thought on “I’ve never tried Moa Beer…

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