Launch of “LegaliseLove” to Level a Locution for Liberty

Alliteration aside (soz, couldn’t resist), this is a fantastic thing. The marriage equality movement in new zealand has stagnated since the passing of the Civil Union Act 2004, and the launch of the LegaliseLove campaign looks set to make the most of the recent stirrings in the adoption reform discussion and kick off a serious discussion:

LegaliseLove is a campaign working towards two things: marriage equality and adoption rights for non-heterosexual New Zealanders.

Adoption rights for non-heterosexual couples is important, because there are many couples who are not allowed to provide loving, stable homes to children who desperately need it, for no other reason than whether they’ve got an innie or an outie; and also because there are many, many couples who already have children, but aren’t able to have their guardianship rights legally recognised because their genitals don’t have the required polarity.

Marriage equality is also important in new zealand. Even though we already have civil unions, they carry the whole separate-but-equal stigma (hat-tip Idiot/Savant) that while explicitly equal, is implicitly not equal — the government is treating us like second class citizens, who don’t deserve full recognition of our existence.

If the government were to legalise same-sex marriage, it would send a bold signal to the people of this country, and the world, that queer people are equal and deserve equal rights. We pride ourselves, as a nation, as being at the forefront of human rights globally, through our work in the UN, and yet, we seem to be neglecting the ideal within our own shores.

New York is still here, as is Canada, Spain, Argentina and all the other states that have legalised same-sex marriage, and updated their adoption laws — these places haven’t been consumed in Sodomesque conflagrations. As I’ve said before, the only reason to oppose it is bigotry. There are a number of reasons that politicians don’t want to pick it up — ranging from not wanting to lose votes from those against it to actively opposing it themselves. Either way, their opposition is bigoted, because it places votes above the rights of a significant portion of the population.

I hope LeganiseLove takes off, and I intend to give it my full support. I hope you will do the same.


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