School Ball Season and Queer Youth.

by C. connoisseur

Two years ago I wrote a guest post for The Handmirror on queer youth and school balls.

I am saddened today to see another school not allowing a two young men to attend their school ball as a couple. A Facebook page to gather support and update people on their discussions with their school. The school in question is a Catholic school and the school prefect has put forward this point, which personally, I have respect for:

A St Patricks student and prefect, Zubin D’Sousa, who is friends with both men, has endorsed their stand, saying; “I just wanna say that I fully support them, and while this may be against a supposed teaching of the school and the Catholic institution, as intelligent beings we need to consider and question rather than accept blindly.” (from GayNZ )

I hope that the young men are able to attend their school ball as a couple and are respected and celebrated by their school and church for the stand they are taking. Kia Kaha.


One thought on “School Ball Season and Queer Youth.

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