Political parties tacitly endorse bigotry

by Mr Wainscotting

National’s Tau Henare, Labour’s Shane Jones, Maori Party’s Pita Sharples and Mana’s Hone Harawira all attended, by invitation, Destiny Church’s conference, with the aim of helping to secure their vote.

Destiny, famous for its fiercely homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic stance, and infamous for its ‘Enough is Enough’ rally during the Civil Union debate, were not challenged on their views by the politicians, who seemed to not want to rock the boat in return for looking like people the chuch members can vote for. Church leader Brian Tamaki is known to tell his congregation who to vote for at the election, and all the MPs seemed to be wanting his approval.

This has drawn condemnation from the Greens, as well as Academics and bloggers. And rightly so. By trying to appeal to them, these MPs have shown that they don’t care for the rights of gays, lesbians, trans people and women, so long as there are votes to be gained. That’s a rather large section of the population to exclude for a miserly share of the votes.

[EDIT: Harawira, to his credit, did take a pro-gay stance at the conference (via GayNZ.com)]


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